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AI-based pose estimation for humans activities

HUMAN POSE ESTIMATION is the Be2Bit brand that develops applications focused on the recognition of human postures



  • The comparison of a live movement taken by a webcam with a previously acquired movement (from a video or a webcam)

  • The activation of an event where a human is in a certain position (for example with folded arms pausing a piece of music)

  • The detection of the angle of rotation of a limb, head or torso

  • The detection of the diameter of the arms and legs and the calculation of the circumference of the chest and head

  • The detection of the height of a subject

  • The interpretation of some positions of the fingers (for example the number of fingers raised, the hand open or closed, etc.)

  • The interpretation of the expressions of a face

  • Identification of a person's sex, age and ethnicity

Our technology
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Our Partners

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HUMAN POSE ESTIMATION is active on those segments that can benefit from the adoption of systems designed to measure a movement, a body or the correctness of a posture.

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